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Hope's Home Kick-Off Raffle

Once in a while a dream will begin simmering deep in our hearts, long before it is meant to come to fruition. This is the story with Hope's Home. Approximately sixteen years ago the idea of having appropriate housing to offer as a safe haven to our warriors began to take shape.

For many years, I would revisit this dream and think about how it would be done when the time came. Somewhere along the way it went from a simple pondering of "what if?" to a plan that was anchored in "when we do..."

After nearly two decades of thinking, planning, and praying the idea is beginning to emerge! I am so incredibly excited at this possibility! So many members of our society discuss veteran suicide, veteran homelessness, and veteran struggles, yet they are not willing or able to address these issues.

Through Hope's Home we are addressing them. We have the option to buy our first home in Logansport for 25,000.00. The home is within walking distance to our local hospital and mental health facility and sits in a beautiful neighborhood.

Two days after we were offered the home at this price by the current owner, I received word from a veteran friend in Colorado. He had a football, autographed by a two time Super Bowl champion,Brandon Stokely,to be donated. The donation was provided in order to raise funds for One Warrior Foundation and we immediately knew these funds had to be earmarked for Hope's Home.

The football is up for raffle, the tickets are 6.00/each or 3 for 15.00.

100% of the proceeds from this raffle will go towards securing housing for our veterans.

I pray that you will consider buying some raffle tickets, or sending in a donation towards the Hope's Home Project.

We can talk about an issue, or we can fix an issue. Which will you do today?

Follow this link to purchase raffle tickets:

Those wishing to help without purchasing a raffle ticket may mail their donation to:

One Warrior Foundation

P.O. Box 1314

Logansport, IN 46947

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