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A Hero's Welcome

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Sometimes the best way to see a need met is to meet it yourself.


This is what Inga did through the creation of "A Hero's Welcome". On the heels of the tragic, senseless death of thirteen Marines during the withdrawal from Afghanistan it became apparent that something needed to be done to show our appreciation regularly. 

Prior to the return of Cpl. Humberto A. Sanchez, Inga had the phenomenal idea to spend the day rallying the community to create a large, heartfelt display that would be seen prominently along the funeral route. This beautiful show of love would be seen by everyone, everyone except the Marine it was intended to honor. 

Therefore, A Hero's Welcome was born. 

Inga began to celebrate our local servicemembers, of all branches, with extravagant parties welcoming them back home. 

Together with the families, she works diligently to ensure that each party accurately reflects the life, passions, and personality of each warrior. These parties are done at no cost to the servicemember's family. 

The event is opened up to friends, family, and the community alike and allows an opportunity for our warriors to be celebrated on a personal level in a way that shows them what they mean to their communities.


Due to one woman's focused drive "Thank you for your service" goes beyond a simple handshake or salute and becomes a true celebration of our warriors! 

To schedule a party in Cass County, Indiana or to speak with Inga and learn how to recreate this phenomenal program in your own community, please reach out to Inga directly using the contact information below. 

Let’s Party!

1800 E. Broadway

Logansport, IN 46947

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